Naperville Star Taxi
Serving all surrounding suburbs

*5th ride is FREE

Airports, corporate accounts, hotels, school accounts, local rides

Family Owned by John & Skye

Professional Service & Customer Appreciation

What makes this taxi in Naperville so different from other Naperville taxi companies? 

-27 years of great customer service experience & we enjoy giving  back   to our customers

-With 5 kids we know how to get things done right 

-We support 2 charities

-Monthly customer appreciation where once a month around the 1st  of  each month we do a raffle  and one winner gets a prize from us. It  could   be a free ride, a gift  card,  movie tickets, etc.  Who knows what  you will win :) 

*New customers get their 5th ride for free so give us a call for  more  information.

John and Skye believe in supporting charities that have a good cause. We offer a $2 coupon for our customers where not only do you save $2 but we will take that same $2 and donate it to St Jude's Children's Hospital and to the Humane Society of the United States to stop animal cruelty.

John & Skye have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and previously launched WEWAH at which offers business funding & coaching.

John & Skye both worked for the same cab company and having extensive experience, know the ins and outs of the business. John was a dispatcher and manager while Skye was a driver. Unfortunately the company was sold and the new owner made changes.They both lost their jobs at the same time and decided to not put their fate into the hands of another employer. They were blessed with the opportunity to hear 1000's of customers share all of their complaints about other drivers and other companies. They both received numerous compliments and were requested for by many customers. This experience is not only what inspired John & Skye to start their own business but also inspired them to do even better than their competition to give customers what they really want and need. They felt that a positive experience was very important. 

John and Skye know what customers want and it's not too much to ask for because if they were getting a ride from someone they would want the same things. Things such as:

-riding in a clean car that doesn't smell like food or smoke

-riding in a nice car and not one that looks and sounds like it is ready  to  fall apart

-having a courteous driver on long rides to the airport

-driver that doesn't argue

-driver that is sober & clean

-a driver that has a clean background

-a driver that arrives on time 

-a driver who drives properly and gets the customer to their  destination  safely

-a driver that can understand you and communicate effectively 

Drivers demanding that customers pay cash and making up stories is absurd because the customer has the right to pay however they want. Drivers also do not have the right to change the price on a customer even if it is $1 and is not tolerated by any means. Sometimes things are out of our control such as heavy traffic or delays. Drivers who lie about being late especially on an airport ride and blame it on the company is unethical and not tolerated at all. 

Your $2 Coupon goes to them

Taxi Coupon/$2 off your ride

***In order to use this coupon you must print it out and hand it to your driver***


Your $2 off will be donated to St. Jude's Children Hospital & The Humane Society of the United States

CLICK on the pictures above for more information on each one

Coupon 2018 (pdf)